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Original sculptures

and sketches by  

Claire Roberts

or color sketches

by your club’s

resident artist.

Sculptures, etc. by Claire We are no longer accepting credit cards for payment.   However, club or personal checks always work well for us.

Who we are and what we do

For over 45 years we have designed sailing trophies for sailing clubs. 

By ordering directly from us, you save the "middleman" markup since

we design, produce and market only our own sculptures and sketches.

We offer a variety of awards in single boat action sculptures, racing

scenes, and original sketches on white metal plates and color sketches

on photo grade paper under acrylic mounted on black matte, walnut

veneer or simulated walnut plaques and walnut desk items. 

Virtually all racing classes are covered including spinnaker yachts,

multi-hulls, PHRF's, sport boats, performance dinghies and junior prams.

Last year, we provided awards for the Sunfish Masters, A-Class Catamaran Nationals, and the Sunfish Youth and Worlds Championships.

This year so far our National’s have included Lasers, C/22 NSA,

 Ultimate 20’s and the 420 Assocaiation.